In life, I have two very strong material weaknesses: books and bags.

I just can’t say no to a good book or a good handbag. I get my love for books from my dad, and my obsession with bags started in 10th grade when my mom bought me a Dooney & Burke barrel bag for Christmas. That was a really long time ago and since then I’ve graduated to more sophisticated label bags.

My newest addition to my small (and growing) collection is the Limelight GM clutch from the Fall/Winter 2007 runway collection. It was only released for a limited time before they all sold out. I have been wanting this clutch for YEARS and I’m so happy to finally have it in my closet. The clutch came in brand new, never-used condition from Yoogi’s Closet an online consignment shop that specializes in authentic luxury goods.

LV3I love her so much, and my husband too of course, because he’s the one who bought her for me as an early Valentine’s Day gift!

LV5I’m so giddy over it, I keep peaking in my closet to make sure it’s still there. I mean, I wanted it for 5 years!

But enough about bags, let’s talk books. I’m still trying to get through this:

theflamealphabetIt’s a very strange book, and it doesn’t help that I can’t concentrate because Downton Abbey has been keeping my attention. I hope to finish it by this week.

Wishing everyone a good weekend! Try to enjoy it, because Monday is only a few hours away!

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