Family Room update!

Last week the custom seagrass rug I ordered arrived, and it’s perfect! I was really worried that something would be wrong with it (wrong size, shipping damage, etc) and I would be out the money and the rug, but thankfully all turned out well.

I ordered the rug from (Sisal Rugs Direct) after reading a billion reviews online via twitter, facebook, and blogs. I had to go custom (and non-returnable) because I wanted it to be basically wall-to-wall (20’5″ by 13′). I knew going in that I wanted a natural fiber rug, and went with seagrass over jute or sisal after doing a ton of research. Natural fiber rugs aren’t the softest rugs in the world, but they are beautiful and extremely durable. Since it was going in our family room i.e. a ¬†high traffic area, I wanted this thing to be resistant to stains, spills, and anything else a toddler & husband duo could throw its way. And I didn’t want something that sheds since the hardwood floor surrounding it is super dark and shows every single tiny fiber. So, seagrass it was.

2013-12-18 15.36.17-1

The rug arrived securely packaged with no issues. Because it was so big and heavy it was a pain in the ass to get in the house, but thankfully my husband is a great help and did most of the work.

After we had it in place and were able to walk around all over it, I started to get worried about its lack of comfort. Seagrass isn’t scratchy or itchy, but it is very hard and does hurt your feet for the first day or two. Now that it’s been almost a week, we’re all completely used to it and it doesn’t bother me (or Jason, the main critic) anymore. Also, let me say that it never really bothered our toddler. She was crawling around playing with her toys no problem.

2013-12-19 12.40.30

I’m not even close to finished with the gallery wall (don’t judge me!)

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with my choice. The rug is absolutely beautiful and really changed the feel of the room. The sofa I ordered should be shipping on Jan 2nd, and once that’s in I’ll work on accent tables, chairs, bar stools, accessories, etc.

2013-12-22 22.03.01-2

Thanks for reading!

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